Restorative Dentistry


One of the most common ways to restore a tooth is by doing a filling. White, or composite fillings are placed on a tooth that has a cavity, is chipped, worn, or has abrasions. Composite fillings are the standard treatment of tooth decay as most patients prefer not to have the amalgam (silver) fillings for the fear of mercury poisoning or the visual look. It's normal to experience sensitivity to cold after a composite filling; the discomfort should subside soon after. To protect these fillings you should practice good oral hygiene and see your dentist regularly

Crowns, bridges, and onlays:

There are several reasons a dental crown is needed, after a root canal, when a tooth has a large fillings, when a tooth is broken, and for cosmetic purposes. A crown, sometimes called a cap, covers the entire tooth which makes it stronger. They can be made out of many materials but we predominately use porcelain because of its strength and beauty.
If a patient has a missing tooth a bridge may be a good option for them. A bridge is one connected piece that covers the front and back teeth with crowns and a “fake” tooth is in the middle.
If a tooth is not to the point yet where a crown would be appropriate, then an onlay may be recommended. An onlay is similar to a crown in that it is made from the same material and will be cemented onto the tooth. However an onlay will keep more of the natural tooth structure because it will not cover the entire tooth.
Our office uses state of art technology to provide same day crowns. Traditionally the tooth would be prepared, or trimmed down to the size to fit the crown. An impression would be taken and the patient sent home while a lab creates the restoration. This process can take two weeks or longer. With same day crowns there is no temporary to worry about or need for a second appointment. Instead of an impression we take a digital scan which we use to mill the crown or onlay is the office. It will be cemented the same day and the tooth is restored back to health.

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