Root Canals

Information About Root Canals

Xray Image

A Root canal is when the nerve (pulp) of a tooth is removed.

  • A root canal is performed when the nerve of the tooth is diseased due to decay, infection, or as result of trauma to the tooth.

  • The nerve which is the live tissue inside the tooth is removed and the space is filled with special dental material.

  • The tooth after a root canal is very brittle and has to be crowned to protect it from breaking and having to be pulled.

  • When a tooth needs a root canal it is usually:

    • Very sensitive to heat and cold.

    • Prone to having severe aching.

    • Having an abscess underneath.

    • Occasionly a tooth is symptom free.

  • Root canals are very successful treatment, only on rare occasions will a tooth be re-treated.